kushley is specifically created to make your personal environment odor-free. This 128-ounce, gallon size is an economical refill choice. Our fine mist spray will clear the air of airborne odors—in the car, on your clothes, on your hands, in your hair or on your body. kushley respectfully and gently eliminates tough odors like garlic, fish, and cigarette smoke. Use kushley anywhere that you have odors that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. This product also comes with an empty gallon container. 


* Organically Derived
* Fast-acting smell deodorizer 

* Empty Gallon included

Gallon Concentrate

  • When your concentrate arrives, fill the gallon container with water - then add the 2oz concentrate.  Fill the empty 2oz bottle with water, pour into gallon, repeat until your gallon is filled.