If you're struggling with restless nights, falling alseep, or staying asleep? Then combat those issues today with our Harvest Goddess CBD Terpx44 Sleep tincture. This tincture has a powerful blend of terpenes to help aid you to sleep better, minor pains, and also helps with anxiety. This tincuture is one of our fastest acting sleep support products we have since it contains terpenes that specailize in sleep support and other importnant properties. Our CBD Terpx4 Sleep tincture improves almost all aspects of sleep. It helps you fall asleep faster while also keeping you asleep all night. Sleep Support also helps enhance sleep quality, which helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. The best thing about this natural sleep aid, it does not result in grogginess. 


* Boost Sleep Quality 

* Improves Mood 

* Non-Grogginess

* Easy & Convenient to take

CBD Terpx4 Sleep

  • Depending on the reasoning of the use of this product take up to 2 drops - a full dropper, once-twice a day. Place the drops under the tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds, then swallow the product. If you have any questions on doseage please reach out to us and we'll gladly help you. 

  • Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabidiol Hemp Extract, linalool, Beta-carphyllene, Alpha Pinene, and Limonene.