Terpx3 is packed with three terpenes combined with pure Hemp oil to give you the most calming effects. One terpene Humulene is known to aid in relief as it is derived from hops, which helps kill bacteria and even tumor cells. The terpene Limonene is known for its stress and anxiety relief, but it also helps kill fungal and bacterial infections. Linalool being the last terpene is also known to aid with stress, but also aids in pain and inflammation. With the aid of these terpenes, this tincture becomes one of the most fast-acting stress relief oils we have in stock!


* Fast-acting formula
* Aids with anxiety and stress

* THC free tincture

* Convenient and easy to use

CBD Terpx3 Relax

  • Depending on the reasoning of the use of this product take up to 2 drops - a full dropper, once-twice a day. Place the drops under the tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds, then swallow the product. If you have any questions on doseage please reach out to us and we'll gladly help you. 

  • Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabidiol Hemp Extract, linalool, Humulene, and Limonene.