Get the pain relief you deserve with our CBD TerpX Relief tincture. This tincture is made with the terpene Limonene that is well known for its powerful fungus and bacterial fighting properties as well as inflammation. With the combined healing power of CBD and Terpenes, it creates one of the most powerful tinctures on the market.


* Excellent pain relief 

* Fast-acting effects

* Convenient and easy to use





CBD TerpX Relief

  • Depending on the reasoning of the use of this product take up to 2 drops - a full dropper, once-twice a day. Place the drops under the tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds, then swallow the product. If you have any questions on doseage please reach out to us and we'll gladly help you. 

  • Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabidiol Hemp Extract, and Limonene.