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How To Choose The Right CBD Product To Fit Your Needs?

Each CBD Product is Designed for different purposes and can have different affects on each individual. We at Harvest Goddess specialize in finding the right product that suits you and that can possibly aid your symptoms. These are the various forms of ingesting our CBD products.


Our Capsules are all made of organic refined CBD isolate. Capsules are a longer lasting method with the addition of quick digestion.


Our Tinctures; also known as CBD oil is made out of critically extracted hemp oil. They come in various strengths. Tinctures are most effective when applied under the tongue.


Our Vape E-liquid comes in various strengths, which you can purchase to fill your vape mods or refillable cartridges. We also offer vape additives that you can be used the same way or be ingested orally. 


Our Topicals are used to apply directly on a desired area of your choosing. Some of our topicals are the most efficient way to help aid your pain almost instantly, whereas our other topicals will help with dry and irritated skin. 


Our pet products are made with critically extracted hemp oil, to ensure you the best health supplement for your pet. Ways you can offer out products to your pet is by dropping the product directly into their mouth or mix it into their food. 


we provide two different drinks; one is for Energy and the other one is to help aid you to Relax. You can consume these products by mixing with into a beverage or drink it straight out of the bottle.  

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