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What is Marijuana?

Things You Need to Know

Cannabis marijuana is a naturally growing plant and has been known for having natural occurring compounds, such as; Terpenes and Cannabinoids. Cannabis Marijuana has been used as an herbal medicine around the world for thousands of years is part of the Cannabis sativa family. There has been a limited amount of research about cannabis marijuana due to it not being federally legal. However, the current research that has been done has linked cannabis with a host of therapeutic benefits, resulting in its legalized use for qualifying medical conditions in Maine and other states. There are currently at least 779 cannabis strains (and counting)  that have been named and recognized by the marijuana community. THC is a short term for Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is one of the most powerful cannabiniod in the plant and is known for its Euphoric effects, which is the main reason for it being illegal.

What is Hemp?


Things You May not Know

Hemp may also be known as industrial hemp or in some cases as CBD oil. Hemp is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species. Since hemp is also cannabis, but is a different sub species apart from cannabis Marijaun , it still contains THC and CBD components. Hemp has lower concentrations of THC and higher concentrations of CBD; which counteracts the psychoactive effect on an individual. Most hemp that is sold gets tested by a lab; if the flower comes back as 0.03% THC or lower, this product can now be considered federally legal to be sold to consumers. Some items go as far to eliminate as much trace of THC with chromatography, which isolates CBD using CO2 and pressure. Pretty much Cannabis Hemp is Cannabis Marijuana's straight edge cousin.

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